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& third there was hunger


OK, everyone!

I've just had an excellent idea! Let's all meet face to face, okay? I've decided we should make use of the kitchen and have a big feast!

Only, I'm not a very good cook, so someone will have to help~. Or volunteer. A lot of volunteers!

Then we can all get familiar~.

& first there was light

hello? is this how this works? im not very good at com

[BUTTON ACCIDENTALLY HIT – sounds of keys clacking]

Oh, a microphone! Hello? Will one of you answer me? It’s rude to ignore a lost girl like this, and besides, this place is really creepy. Hello?

Even Midgar was better this, at least people there [AND HIT AGAIN, text input]

nd a towel would be nice

[ooc: jaysus, and I have to get up in four hours for work ):. SLEEP WELL GAIZ, will tag back tomorrow ... 8) ]